Drones are becoming increasingly popular as toys, for filming and photography, for the transport of goods and for military reconnaissance operations and attacks. However, the innovative possibilities that come with drones should not let us underestimate the safety risks that may result from their incorrect or careless use.

As technology advances, drones are not only becoming smaller, lighter and cheaper, but also more dangerous to critical infrastructure. Alarming incidents with high-performance drones, referred to as UAVs, occur daily all over the world. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, recording devices or air drop systems, drones create almost unlimited potential for espionage, surveillance and sabotage.

Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von einer goldenen Landschaft an einem Teich
Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von einem goldenen Funken

The ability to carry increasingly heavy loads (relative to the drone’s own weight) allows attackers to quickly and almost silently plant hazardous materials such as explosives, listening devices and Wi-Fi sniffers with pinpoint accuracy.

TRIAS Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for corporate sites and headquarters, airports and ports, critical infrastructure, yachts, border patrols, correctional facilities, HNWIs, the military and police. In addition, we provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients. Our portfolio also includes an automated system to detect, track and, if necessary, repel drones as soon as they enter a predefined corridor.